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The Only Way is Books Blog

"Fantastic Thriller! Trust me, you won't regret it! 100% recommended."

Stephen Elkins-Jarrett, Author of Across the Spectrum

"It is amazing and you should all read it. But I must warn you it is haunting."

The Bookish Lover Blog

"Full of suspense. The plot twist was unbelievably well crafted. One of my favourite reads this year."

Oh Just Books Blog

"I am pleased to say I was unable to guess the end. Will be looking forward to more of her work in the future!"

Luanna Helena, Creatively Speaking Radio Host

Avery is practically the girl next door. Her murderous escapades both intrigue and fascinate readers from beginning to end."

Other Reviews

"Completely unique take on a book about a serial killer. Fantastic for a debut novel."

"Each scenario was mind blowing. You can experience emotions twisted in your soul."

"Not what I expected. A very interesting concept."

"If you are looking for a thrilling story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing at every turn, then this is the read for you."

"Best book I've read this year. Fantastically complex story line and fascinating characters. Grabs you from the first page."

"A thriller that will make you think differently about serial killers."

"I absolutely loved this book. Kept me intrigued from page one."

Had me hooked from page one.The twist at the end completely surprised me."

"Unusual writing style. The story line pulled me in."

"I thought 'yes, this is for me' and was not disappointed. If you like talking about books you've read and what and why characters do what they do then add this to your reading list."

"I liked how it didn't even begin how a traditional book begins. This is one twisted serial killer novel."

The end came swiftly and with such great surprise that I had to go back and see where I may have missed something